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Bite Me Gamefishing Charters, South Pacific Islands

Bite Me Gamefishing Charters


Sailing and Watersports


Opening Hours:
6am - 4pm

Bite Me Gamefishing Charters Sailing in Kadavu, Fiji, South Pacific Islands

Superb blue water game fishing for wahoo, sailfish and marlin with Bite Me Fishing Charters awaits you at Matava in Kadavu, Fiji Islands.

Fish the warm tropical waters around the remote South Pacific island of Kadavu. Jungle covered volcanic hills swoop down to mangrove bays and coral lagoons. 75 miles of Great Astrolabe barrier reef with outer slopes plunging to canyons of over 12,000 feet.

Blue marlin cruise within sight of the reef, yellowfin tuna smash bait balls as far as the eye can see. Packs of marauding wahoo cover the reef points and big Pacific Sailfish free-jump along the reef edges.

Sound like an anglers paradise ? It is.

Bite Me Gamefishing's 31ft custom rigged game boat can be throwing poppers for huge GTs or trolling bent butt Penn International 80 Wide chair tackle for blue marlin within 10 minutes of your lodge.

Whether you want to tease up a pack of 50lb wahoo and cast a fly for the ultimate fly fishing experience or watch a 500lb blue marlin greyhound across the wake as you climb into the chair and strap yourself into the ride of your life, Kadavu Island can make it happen.

Bite Me is based at Matava Resort, a aaa rated 3&1/2 star eco-lodge on the South East side of Kadavu Island. Traditional thatched Fijian bures perch on the island's rainforrest covered slopes with private decks offering magnificent views out over the sheltered coral lagoons and Great Astrolabe Barrier reef.

Anglers can choose to work the mangroves, sheltered lagoons or reef edges for Giant Trevally, bluefin trevally, Narrow Barred (Spanish) mackerel, coral trout and a host of toothy reef predators or work the outer reef slopes for wahoo, yellowfin and Pacific Sailfish. Within a few miles of the barrier reef are deep ocean canyons where we find blue marlin, huge yellowfin tuna, mahi mahi and shortbill spearfish.

A seamount lies just 7 miles offshore with nutrient rich upwellings holding large concentrations baitfish and oceanic predators. An hour from the lodge, a remote coral atoll breaks the surface with sheer sides plummeting to depths of 6,000 feet.

Gamefishing for Pacific Sailfish at Matava, Kadavu, FijiBite Me offers anglers the opportunity to explore miles of pristene unfished tropical waters in the comfort of a modern Australian custom built gamefishing vessel with a full range of high quality tackle from custom made all-roller ultra-light record hunting outfits to Penn International 80STW's on Penn International and Melton bent butt chair rods.

From our base here you can throw poppers for GTs at dawn, tag a blue marlin by mid-morning, put some 50lb wahoo on the deck by lunch, fight a double header of sails on 12lb string by mid afternoon and stop off on the way back for a bit of deepwater jigging for dogtooth, amberjack, jobfish and Opakapaka.

Whatever your prefered method of fishing or species you wish to target, the opportunities here are endless.

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