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Ban Chiang Unesco Archaeological Site, Thailand

Ban Chiang Unesco Archaeological Site


Historic Buildings and Monuments, Visitor Centres and Museums


Opening Hours:
Daily 10-5

Ban Chiang Unesco Archaeological Site Stately Homes in Ban Chiang, North East Thailand, Thailand

The UNESCO world heritage Site at Ban Chiang is a museum. The village itself has many stalls selling locally produced pottery and woven fabrics.

Ban Chiang is an archeological site located in Nong Han district in Udon Thani Province, Thailand. It has been on the unesco world heritage list since 1992.
Ban Chiang was the centre of a remarkable phenomenon of human cultural, social, and technological evolution in the 5th millennium bc, which occurred independently in this area of south-east Asia and spread widely over the whole region. It is without question the most important prehistoric settlement so far discovered in south-east Asia. It presents the earliest evidence for true farming in the region and for the manufacture and use of metals: its long cultural sequence, size and economic status has no parallel in any other contemporary site in the region.

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Stately Homes in North East Thailand, Thailand
Ban Chiang UNESCO Archaeological Site
Stately Homes 

North East Thailand, Thailand

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