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Tujering Marshes, Gambia

Tujering Marshes


Lochs Lakes and Waterfalls, Nature Reserve, Parks Gardens and Woodlands, Walking and Climbing


Opening Hours:
24 hours

Tujering Marshes Loch, Lake, Waterfall in Batokunkuy, Coast of Gambia, Gambia

Excellent birdlife. Diverse ecosystem walks within a small area, beach, dunes wetland, forest and farmland

The marshes between the villages of Batokunku and Tujering are ideal for bird watchers. The diverse ecosystem provides hours of walk through the beach, dunes, wetlands and farmland.

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Loch, Lake, Waterfall in Coast of Gambia, Gambia
Tujering Marshes
Loch, Lake, Waterfall 

Coast of Gambia, Gambia

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