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Location Details

Location Details

Location Details


Edit Listing => Location Tab

The Location Information section allows you to select the country and county or area ('sub-region') where your property is located. The Location Description field is where you can highlight any key features (for example if your property overlooks a beach). For the address the Town and Village is key as this is something many holiday makers will search for. We have deliberately not used a pre-defined list to allow you to put in the village or town nearest to you (which is very often not the 'official' postal city!). your post code (where applicable) is key for finding your property on the map.

The 'nearest' section allows you to put in details on your local transport hubs, for example airports or bus stops. We recommend that you put in the name and then the distance from your property in miles or kilometres. (for example M6 Junction 40, 12 miles (18 Km).

The GPS coordinates will be found from your postcode and\or address where applicable. You can check the exact position of your property by clicking the 'refine coordinates' link. This will open the map where you can drag the pinpoint to the exact location on the map. This is best done by zooming out to ensure the pinpoint is in the correct general area. Then once you have the rough area correct, zoom back in as you should be able to drop the pinpoint in the exact location of your business! Once you have done this please remember to click the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page.

You can select the relevant
Tourist Areas that you want your property to be associated with. We recommend a maximum of two.

Don't for forget to click the 'Save' or 'Save and Next' button when you have made changes!

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