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2.3.1 Setting up Online Payments

Setting up Online Payments


Step 1: Create Your New Booking Calendar(s)

If you’re not currently maintaining an availability calendar on LovetoEscape, please create one now.

• Log in and click ‘Enquiries & Bookings’
• Go to ‘Booking Calendars’,
• Then click on ’Add Booking Calendar’.
• Follow the steps to complete the booking calendar.  (LINK See 2.3 Managing your Availability and Bookings)

Tip: Update your prices and enable your short break availability before entering any upcoming bookings.

Step 2: Enable Online Payments!

Select the Preferred Booking Calendar ‘Full Booking Calendar and online Payment’.

• Click ‘Enquiries & Bookings’
• Go to ‘Booking Calendars’
• Click ‘Enable Online payments’
• Select ‘Full Booking Calendar and online Payment’.

Step 3:  Activate Online Payments 

• Enter your bank account details
• Check the Terms and Conditions
• Check the you have gone through the checklist (This is to avoid erroneous booking)
• Click on ‘Save and Start Activation’
• Proceed to WorldPay secure payment to pay £1 activation Fee.
• PIN Sent

Please note: We will send you out a PIN to your payment card billing address via royal mail, first class post.  This is a consumer protection process to ensure that bona fide accommodation providers are taking part in our online booking and payment system.

Step 4: Activate Pin and Go Live with Online Payments

Once you have received your pin:
• Please Log in
• Go to the ‘Booking Calendars’
• Go to Payments Tab in Edit set up
• Enter your code to activate your online payments.

For more information, please go to our Book and Pay Online Page in your log in area. 

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