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2.3.2 Dealing With Enquiries and Managing Your Bookings

2.3.2 Dealing With Enquiries and Managing Your Bookings

Dealing with Enquiries

A few tips on converting enquiries into bookings:

  • Reply to enquiries immediately! Try and respond to all enquiries within an hour of receiving them. This is important when converting an enquiry into a booking.
  • Check emails regularly - Make sure you check your emails at least four times a day.
  • Set up standard responses - Auto reply, Booked and suggesting alternate dates etc.
  • Respond to holidaymakers even if you can't accommodate them for the dates requested and suggest other dates or accommodation.
  • Always return a call.
  • When responding, be polite and honest; give all the information the holiday maker asked for and let them make a decision

Managing your bookings

Tips on how to manage your bookings:

  • Make sure to add extra charges where applicable e.g. £20 for chilled Champagne on arrival.
  • Set a date by which the final balance should be paid. This is typically 6-10 weeks before arrival and will give you time to readvertise in the event of a cancellation.
  • Allow holiday makers to contact you during their stay.
  • Make arrangements for keys and send directions - set up a standard email.
  • Refund the deposit within the agreed time frame, if applicable.
  • Remind your holiday makers of what to do when they arrival and depart form the property.

Watch the video below on how to manage your bookings.

Video: Manage Bookings (Approve and add Payment)
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